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Working Families Party Snubs Pereira For BOE Endorsement

According to the Connecticut Post’s Linda Lambeck, the Connecticut Working Families party announced their Bridgeport BOE endorsements on Thursday, and Maria Pereira is conspicuously missing from their slate.

This omission speaks volumes: Not too long ago Pereira held the title of Bridgeport Working Families Party Chair and won her previous term on the BOE in 2009 on the Working Families Party line.

Instead the WFP choose to endorse two candidates: Karen Jackson, who ran as a petition candidate in 2012, and Dennis Bradley, a Bridgeport attorney who’s running on Joseph Ganim’s slate in the primary with Pereira.

This is a particularly odd move considering there are four seats up for grabs this November. The Working Families Party is allowed to endorse up to three candidates on their line. Why not hedge their bets?

Perhaps Pereira’s brand of “activism” is too extreme even for the Working Families Party?

One thing is certain: Despite claims of overwhelming support, even her former political party is backing away from Pereira’s BOE comeback.



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