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Will the Bridgeport BOE Vote on Legal Action Against State Board?

It appears my suspicions might be right!

The Bridgeport Board of Education cancelled Monday evening’s Facilities Committee Meeting, and replaced it with a Special Board meeting to discuss “possible action” on the state Board of Education’s approval of two new charter schools in Bridgeport.

The “possible action” referred to on the agenda remains unknown, but one has to wonder, could this be Maria Pereira’s “Plan B?”

For those unaware of what I’m referring to—as noted in a previous Education Bridgeport post— former Working Party Families Party Chair Maria Pereira left a threatening comment on a Connecticut Mirror article. She later left one on a Hartford Courant article as well.

Pereira, angry over the state Board’s approval of Great Oaks and Capital Prep Harbor Schools, wrote:

“This [vote] was not unexpected. Now we move onto Plan B! Our goal will be to make sure Dr. Perry’s and the Great Oaks Charter Schools never open their doors.”

Considering the Board’s new Monday agenda, perhaps Pereira’s rant had substance?

That’s a scary thought, but not unexpected.

Pereira may have relinquished her ceremonial title of Working Families Party Chair, but she’s obviously holding on to her role of board puppeteer.

Equally as disturbing as Pereira’s penchant for pulling the Board’s strings, is the Board’s relentless and all together nonsensical attack on charter schools.

FACT: Charter schools do not take money away from the district. Can someone please let the Board in on this very important tidbit.

That’s right, charter school don’t affect the district’s state grant whatsoever. Likewise, charter schools do not “steal” special education and transportation funding. These costs would go to these students regardless. Districts may also receive reimbursements for these costs.

You know what DOES steal money from children! Frivolous lawsuits

Rather than waging war against the state, the Bridgeport Board of Education should be discussing the staggeringly low district test scores! Or crumbling school buildings that make for inadequate learning environments? Or graduation rates or sub-para special education services?

The last thing we need is another costly lawsuit that takes away resources that could otherwise be used in classrooms.



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