Update: Board Decides to Abandon Lawsuit Against State

*Update: The Board of Education made no motion at Monday’s meeting to sue the state Board of Education over the issue of charter schools. Stay tuned, more information to come…


Even though the board was advised not to pursue legal action, the big question on everyone’s minds is will they actually listen?

According to tonight’s agenda, the Bridgeport Board of Education will once again be discussing the potential lawsuit against the State Board of Education. It’s entirely possible that action could be taken on this matter, despite the fact the board’s lawyer said there were no grounds on which to sue.

Last Thursday, an email was obtained by Education Bridgeport! between attorney Thomas Mooney and Interim Superintendent Fran Rabinowitz revealing Mooney’s belief that there is no basis to challenge the state’s decision to approve Great Oaks and Capital Prep Harbor Schools.

Mooney, who is one of the top education lawyers in the state, told Rabinowitz in his email that he felt the board’s only option moving forward was to take “a more aggressive approach” if other charters are proposed down the line.

That said, not everyone is convinced the fight is over.

According to board member Rev. Kenneth Moales, who spoke to Education Bridgeport! before the email was released, the board will likely try to block the charter anyway.

“It doesn’t matter what the lawyer says, they’re going to pursue it any way they can,” Moales said of the proposed lawsuit.

He’s not the only one. Patty McQueen, spokeswoman for Families for Excellent Schools, told Connecticut Post reporter Linda Lambeck on Friday that she “wasn’t convinced the fight is over.”

They might all be right. Former board member and notorious Internet troll Maria Pereira posted comments on the very same article which seem to indicate she wants the board to pursue a lawsuit against the state regardless of Mooney’s sage legal advice:

“Only a judge can issue a ruling and if I remember correctly this case has never been presented to a judge, therefore, no ‘ruling’ has been issued. I think Ms. McQueen is correct in her assessment.”

As infuriating as redirecting money that could be spent in classrooms toward a lawsuit destined to fail is, since the puppet master herself has spoken, it’s not unlikely the board will vote to file suit anyway.

Remember, Pereira was the first person to threaten legal action over the state’s decision to approve the two charter schools. Her thirst for destruction has apparently not been slaked, and with Pereira calling the shots from behind the scenes — with zero accountability or oversight — anything, however wasteful, is possible.



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