Will the Board Finally Make a Decision on Perez-Dickson?

Wednesday, October 30th is the final day for the board to come to a decision in the Carmen Perez-Dickson termination hearing… Or, maybe not?

According to the agenda, which was posted last night, there will be “discussion and possible action.” Which considering the board’s track record, doesn’t bode well. [Bridgeport Board of Education, 10/29/2013]

Originally, the deadline for the decision was October 18th; however, the evidentiary portion of the hearing was reopened after it was discovered that not all the information requested was received by board members.

Of course, Bridgeport being Bridgeport, this led to some controversy, including Bobby Simmons questioning the “integrity” of the hearing. [Education Bridgeport, 10/18/2013]

On Monday, an emergency meeting was called; however, after over an hour and a half of discussion, the board emerged from executive session without ever coming to a decision.

The board will meet in City Hall Room 305 at 5:30 on Wednesday.


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