Will BOE’s Security Merger Be On The Chopping Block Again?

Remember back in January when the Bridgeport Board of Education attempted to end the district’s partnership with the Bridgeport Police Department, but were stopped by an outraged public?

Apparently, that fight isn’t over.

Hell-bent on cutting all ties with the city, it looks like the board may spend over $12,000 to audit the “effectiveness” of the merger between the Bridgeport Police and school security.

According to emails uncovered by Education Bridgeport! through a recent Freedom of Information Act request, the board has been shopping around for consultants to audit the memorandum of understanding between the district and the city for both security and facilities services.

Attached to an email dated July 7 between Baraka and Superintendent Fran Rabinowitz was a draft proposal by a company called National Executive Service Corps, who quoted their services at $12,500 for the audit.

Aside from it being absolutely outrageous that the board would even contemplate such a sum, what’s worse is their motives for spending that money.

For the past year Baraka and her cohorts on the board have been itching to get rid of the Police Department. This audit isn’t about what’s best for Bridgeport Public Schools— this is about consolidating power.

Why else would the board audit a merger that’s been successful and has public support?

Considering this: Under the police department, Bridgeport schools have seen fewer arrests, quicker response times and more resources and training for security staff. How is any of this bad?

NESC Audit of Effectiveness of Facilities and Security Functions by Megan Elizabeth DeSombre



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