Why is the Former Republican State Chairman Working to Elect Pelto?

As if we needed any more proof of Jon Pelto’s real intentions, the Connecticut Mirror’s Mark Pazniokas uncovered that former GOP State Chairman Chris Healy sent out emails to his Republican buddies asking them to sign Pelto’s petition.

The best part of this whole story: Healy received the petition directly from Pelto when the two met over coffee, and now Pelto claims he never intended for Healy to send it around.

Right. That makes sense … Except, no it doesn’t.

Why in the world would Pelto give Healy petition papers, except with the intention of having him collect signatures? The answer is, he wouldn’t.

Regardless of what he’s been telling the media, Pelto fully intends to act as third party spoiler, that’s why he’s forging alliances with Republicans.

In the email sent to Wethersfield Republicans, Healy urged his Republican friends to support Pelto’s bid for Governor, marketing it as a way to help their candidate by “bleeding votes from Malloy.”

“To that end, if anyone is comfortable, I have a petition to get Jonathan Pelto on the ballot. He will only hurt Malloy the way Tom Marsh hurt us in 2010,” wrote Healy.

When asked by the Connecticut Mirror about the email, Healy said he told Pelto he would do what he could to help his old friend.

As we already know, this isn’t the first time Pelto has cozied up to Republicans in order to score political points. Back in spring, he was having regular chats with State House Minority Leader Larry Cafero long time spokesman Pat O’Neil.



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