Why is Jon Pelto Running For Governor?

Why is Jon Pelto running governor?

It’s a simple question. Yet, for some reason Pelto can’t seem to keep his answer straight.

Back in early May, Pelto’s repeated mantra was that he was “not a spoiler,” pledging not to run a full-fledge campaign unless he was a “credible candidate.”

Here’s what he told the Hartford Courant:

“Being a spoiler is not what I am looking to be,” Pelto said. “I’m sensitive to that criticism. … I believe that I can easily get on the ballot. I’m not convinced that I can get the funds necessary to run a credible campaign. That’s what I am continuing to explore.”

Fast forward only two months and it seems Pelto has already changed his tune. No longer does he care if his campaign is “credible.”

Here’s what Pelto told The Wall Street Journal’s Joseph De Avila a possible Republican victory:

“That would send a very powerful message to Connecticut Democrats and Democrats across the country—that you can’t walk away from these constituents and not have significant repercussions,” said Mr. Pelto, 53 years old. “Democrats across the country will have to recognize that one of the reasons he lost is because he walked away from public education.”

So, which is it Pelto? Credible candidate or third party spoiler looking to send a “powerful” message no matter who it affects?



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