Why Did Jon Pelto Get a Pass?

When it works well, our democratic process can serve as a filter or a sieve. Watching the campaign season is very much like panning for gold. The sand drips through and the public is left with some very obvious hunks of worthless detritus. Maybe you find some pyrite. Every so often you find a gem of some worth.

When I listened to “Where We Live” on Tuesday morning, I was taken aback — the respected journalist host, Mr. Dankosky, gave Pelto a pass.

Isn’t it the job of journalists to challenge candidates, particularly when their entire platform is based on questionable facts?

Not once did Dankosky ask Pelto to back up his claims with sources.

If Dankosky had pressed Pelto further, perhaps, he would not have gotten away with so many half-truths and lies — the most egregious of which was the claim that Gov. Malloy cut education spending.

Did Pelto steal his talking points from Tom Foley, who made the same inaccurate claim during his acceptance speech at the Republican convention last week?

As Christine Stuart, Editor of reported, this claim is completely false.

In fact, according to the bipartisan Connecticut Conference of Municipalities, state grants towards education increased by $224 million since 2012.

This may have been revealed had Dankosky pressed Pelto to provide sources to backup his statement — but instead we were left with a broken sieve.

That is a failure not only of journalism, but of the democratic process our free press is supposed to support.



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