When Will Bridgeport Have a Permanent Superintendent?

If you’re wondering if current interim superintendent Fran Rabinowitz’s contract will be extended, it appears extremely likely.

Already a month behind schedule, the Bridgeport Board of Education still hasn’t decided on a search firm to take on the task of finding a permanent replacement for Paul Vallas, who left the district back in March 2013.

Perhaps, the BOE’s sense of urgency is only piqued by the prospect of a lawsuit, seeing as they had no problem calling several special meetings last spring when they were thinking of suing the state, but in it took till last Tuesday’s Policy and Procedures Committee meeting to discuss search firm proposals.

Meanwhile, the BOE has been in possession of said proposals for nearly two months.

According to Linda Lambeck at the Connecticut Post, the original timeline drawn up back in October gave search firms until November 14 to submit their proposals to the district.

It’s very doubtful a permanent superintendent will be picked by the April 30th deadline, considering that they were supposed to spend January interviewing potential candidates.

In any case, here’s a list of the search firms currently being considered (originally posted on the Connecticut Post’s Education Matters blog):

• Cooperative Education Services of Trumbull

• ProAct, which is currently helping Norwalk find its new schools chief and which, according to its website has Carol Birks, former Harding High principal on its team.

• Hazard, Young, Attea & Associates, with a home office in Illinois

• Ray Associates of Iowa



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