When It Comes To Common Core, Jon Pelto Believes Most Connecticut School Districts Are Wrong and He’s Right.

You gotta love Jon Pelto. He’s the only self-proclaimed “journalist” in Connecticut who will list out 90 percent of the state’s school districts in a blog post and then tell you that they’re all wrong. Twisting the truth and manipulating facts isn’t good enough for him. When that’s not enough, Pelto just ignores the facts completely — the latest example is his post on Common Core. Maybe it’s the Fox News school of “journalism?”

Here are the facts about Common Core:

School districts in Connecticut — and in 45 other states — know that Common Core will bolster school learning standards. The goal is to teach fewer topics with more depth in each subject, better preparing students for college and careers.

The new standards stress analysis, rather than just rote memorization. Students aren’t just relying on repetition but are encouraged to understand concepts, to comprehend ideas and then express them well.

Because critical thinking is so highly emphasized, Common Core also brings a healthy serving of flexibility into the classroom, according to the National Education Association. Teachers can be creative, using expertise to help students learn. [National Education Association, 5 Facts: Making Common Sense of the Common Core]

And teachers are excited about it. About three out of every four teachers in Connecticut are “enthusiastic about the implementation of the Common Core State Standards in their classroom,” according to a Scholastic survey released last year. [Scholastic, Connecticut, 6/21-22/2013]

Teachers, administrators, Connecticut and national education leaders, governors and the President of the United States of America are in favor of Common Core. Why? Because the standards are designed to teach kids to think critically, to prepare them for college and careers in an increasingly global economy. [Huffington Post, 1/17/2014]

None of that matters to Jon Pelto. What must matter to Jon Pelto is who pays the bills. Why else would he ignore the truth and spread these types of lies?

Besides, the last thing Pelto wants is more readers able to think and read critically.



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