What is the Bridgeport BOE Hiding? Parents STILL Waiting For Past Due FOIA Request

It’s now been over a month and still the Bridgeport Board of Education refuses to comply with Connecticut’s Freedom of Information Act.

For a group of people who make it a point to remind everyone they’re the “elected board,” their lack of transparency is astounding.

Only one member, freshman Republican Joe Larcheveque, responded to a request filed by three parents on April 11th which asked the board to disclose all communication related to the moratorium against charter schools, as well as information about charter school funding.

The rest of the board has not even bothered to contact the parents.

Even if you consider that this request was received by the office on April 14th, according to Connecticut State law, it’s past due by over 31 days.

31 days and only one board member had the decency to contact these parents.

As we’ve learned from past incidents, the Working Families’ Party-led board has no qualms with silencing anyone who disagrees with them.

Not responding is just another attempt to silence these parents. It’s clear the board is afraid what will happen if this information gets out.

We are now left to ask: What exactly is the board hiding?



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