What Has Jon Pelto Done to Better Education in Connecticut: One Leader’s Response

So Jon Pelto is creating his own little political party. Isn’t that sweet? It’s called the “Education and Democracy Party,” or some such trite drivel, as if Jon Pelto is a poster boy for education and/or democracy.

Well, what do real educators and district leaders think of Jon Pelto?

Recently, I’ve been trying to find out what, if anything, Pelto has done to improve education in Connecticut. I’d like to share one response.

To begin, I’d like to apologize to Ashford Superintendent of Schools James P. Longo. Being familiar with Pelto’s tactics (public shaming, personal attacks) I know I am not doing Dr. Longo any favors. Mea culpa, Dr. Longo, mea culpa.

That being said, I thought Longo’s response was, well, perfect. It encapsulated Jon Pelto in a brief and poignant manner of which famed haiku poet Bashō would be proud.

“My only knowledge of him is that he sends SPAM bulk email to all Connecticut superintendents,” Longo said in an email response to a request for information. “We have never responded to any of them, and I do not open them unless accidentally.”

But, Longo is willing, nonetheless, to share what he has: “If you would like, I can send you whatever he has sent that remains in my trash or email spam folders.”

Thanks, Dr. Longo.



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