What Has Jon Pelto Done For Connecticut in the Last Four Years?

On Friday the Hartford Courant published an op-ed by social justice lobbyist Betty Gallo who asks a very important question.

Jon Pelto is quick to snipe at Gov. Dannel Malloy’s record, but what about his own?

As Gallo aptly asks, “what has Jonathan Pelto done in the last four years to make the lives of the people of Connecticut better?”

You know, other than posting “often misleading” blog posts from his mountain top in Storrs, Connecticut.

The answer: Not much.

This is what Gallo had to say about Pelto’s oh-so-impressive record:

“He wrote an often misleading online blog about one issue, education. He was a political consultant for anyone who would pay him. He worked against workers who do some of the most difficult and important jobs in Connecticut; they take care of people with disabilities, the elderly, the sick in their homes or institutions.”

While Pelto sat on the internet bashing everything and anything, Malloy was opening up 1,000 — soon to be 4,000 — new school readiness spots, expanding Medicare,standing up for gay marriage and raising the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour.

Yes, these things were all done under Gov. Malloy’s leadership, someone who Pelto insists isn’t a “true progressive’ — of course, this is also coming from a former political consultant who helped run a public relations campaign against striking nursing home workers.

So, really. What has Pelto done again?



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