WFP Worried About Dickson Decision Affecting Votes?

About a dozen parents and community members stood outside City Hall on Monday in protest of the recent decision to suspend rather than terminate Tisdale Principal Carmen Perez-Dickson.

Also in attendance: Working Families Party’s Executive Director Lindsey Farrell.

Other members of the Working Families Party members were there as well, handing out fliers to protestors.

The first flier was a letter from former NAACP President Craig Kelly, which bashed “out of touch” politicians and Vallas for speaking out against the board’s decision to give Dickson a more lenient penalty.

The second was a list of “facts.” Included in that list, was a statement which attempts to explain why Baraka did not recuse herself from the hearing.

The flier said, “Christopher Hodgeson… never made a motion to recuse Sauda Baraka from the vote.” In other words, if the attorney did speak up, then Baraka is absolved of ethical responsibility.

I don’t think so.

I’m sure she knew full well that it was unethical to vote on the hearing. Not only was Baraka a former client of Attorney Josephine Miller, but it’s also well known that she is friends with Perez-Dickson.

Their presence at Monday’s rally sends a clear message. The Working Families Party is afraid of the backlash against Baraka in light of recent events and now they’re scrambling.


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