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Warning: Take Wendy Lecker’s free advice at your peril

Wendy Lecker might have a new career on her hands — she’s an expert cherry picker, at least when it comes to education data.

In her latest bit of drivel, Lecker, an activist/attorney and once-in-a-while columnist, lambasts Connecticut’s governor and education commissioner for spending some money to educate parents about Common Core, one of the most far-reaching initiatives to ever touch our nation’s schools.

Ignoring a plethora of studies about Common Core, Lecker cites an MIT report about standardized testing, and waxes poetic about how parents are “rising up to resist” the rollout.

Really Wendy? Um, perhaps you missed the recent Gallup Poll showing that two-thirds of Americans have little to no idea what the Common Core State Standards are. [Gallup Poll, 8/21/2013]

Maybe you didn’t know about the Scholastic study showing that close to 75 percent of teachers are in favor of Common Core. [Scholastic, 07/22/2013]

So … If three out of every four teachers are in favor of Common Core, and most parents don’t have a solid understanding of the standards who, exactly, is “rising up” against them?

As was mentioned on this blog before, people like Lecker, who cherry-pick and rabble-rouse, and maliciously spread misinformation, are the reason the state must now spend taxpayer dollars to educate residents about Common Core.

Then, to add insult to injury, Lecker offers some free legal advice. She actually tells parents, families she’s never met living in communities she would probably be frightened to be in, to opt students out of standardized tests.

What? Wendy, do you really believe that parents in Bridgeport will or should opt their children out of tests on your say-so? Get real.

Lecker — and her little enraged blogger buddy Jon Pelto, who regurgitates everything she says — should probably stick to picking some real cherries.

Anything, as long as she stays away from our schools and out of our business.



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