Waiting List Data Shows High Parent Demand for Expansion of Capital Prep

Shouting isn’t the only way to send a message—over 4000 parents are sending a silent, yet, profound message in Hartford, where 4272 students are on the waiting list for Capital Prep.

To put that number into perspective, Capital Prep has over 1000 more students on their waiting list than any other school in Hartford. If you just look at student’s first choice alone, 1 out of every 3 students on the magnet school waiting list in Hartford put Capital Prep down as their first choice.

This speaks volumes about Capital Prep’s success.

Yet, somehow, despite the high parent demand for an expansion of Capital Prep, there has been a concerted effort to defame Dr. Steve Perry and block him from opening a school in Bridgeport.

Armed with inaccurate data and false rhetoric, union drones have made desperate attempts to tarnish Perry’s reputation.

Clearly, parents are desperate too. Desperate for an expansion of schools like Dr. Perry’s Capital Prep—if they weren’t they wouldn’t be seeking them out in such high numbers.

Over 1,100 students are on charter school waiting lists here in Bridgeport, one of the lowest performing districts in the state, where only about half of students make it to high school graduation.

Capital Prep, serves a similar population of students, yet has an extraordinarily high graduation rate of 98 percent. Almost 100 percent of these graduates go on to college.

Just imagine what a school like Capital Prep could do for the 1,100 Bridgeport students who are stuck on waiting lists.

The State Department of Education has an opportunity to help these students. On April 2nd, the Board will be voting on four charter school applications, including Capital Prep Harbor School.

Let’s hope the state Board listens to the voices of Bridgeport’s parents and not the rabid shouting of union shills.



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