Vallas Meets with Parents During “State of the Schools” Community Meetings

Vallas Community Conversation

Last week, Superintendent Paul Vallas began a new round of “State of the Schools” community meetings, similar to those held two years ago when Vallas first came to the district. The first was held on Thursday at Jettie S. Tisdale Elementary, and the next will be held at Black Rock School on Thursday at 5:30pm. Subsequent meeting locations will be announced throughout the month of October (October 17th, 24th and 30th).

So far, only five have been scheduled, though Vallas plans to continue these meetings throughout the school year and expects to hold about 27 in total.

During the first meeting, Vallas discussed the district’s finances, security upgrades and other school improvements.

“We gotta hold the line,” said Vallas, referring to the district’s financial situation.

The superintendent’s office has already started work on a comprehensive budget for next school year (2014-2015). Vallas hopes he can set out a “strategy that can ensure the district will remain financially stable.”

After Vallas’s “State of the Schools,” the floor opened to allow parents and community members to ask questions. After the Q&A session, parents were also able to speak with members of the Superintendent’s staff.

If this isn’t common practice for superintendents around the state, it sure should be!



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