UPDATE: Gomes’ Lobbyist Money Only Lawful by Technicality

Working Families Party Candidate for State Senate Edwin Gomes’ campaign finance filing reads like a ‘who’s who’ of union lobbyists.

As reported in an earlier blog post, according to Gomes’ campaign finance filing, his top donors include Connecticut Education Association’s (CEA) Executive Director Mark Waxenberg and Connecticut Federation of Teacher’s Melodie Peters, as well as several registered lobbyist employed by both organizations.

Under normal circumstances, taking lobbyist money during the legislative session is not only unethical, it’s also illegal – however it would seem Gomes gets out of this requirement due to a technicality.

According to state statute, receiving contributions from lobbyist during session is prohibited except during special elections.

So, while it’s technically not illegal for Gomes to take large sums of lobbyist money, it still raises moral and ethical questions.

For example: What is Gomes going to owe his special interest funders if he makes it back to the state house?



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