UPDATE: Bridgeport BOE Looking For New Member After all

With only a few months before a new Bridgeport Board of Education is sworn in, it looks like the BOE will have to find a temporary replacement for recently resigned member Jacqueline Kelleher after all.

There was some question as to whether the BOE would replace Kelleher, since she had not planned on running for re-election and there was only four months left in her term. However, on Tuesday, Board Chair Dave Hennessey told Linda Lambeck at the Connecticut Post that, according to Bridgeport BOE Bylaws, the vacancy must be filled.

As was the case when John Bagley resigned last Fall, the BOE must appoint a replacement by majority vote within 30 days or the decision will be up to the Mayor.

Now the obvious question is, whom will they choose?

The bylaws dictate that the vacancy must be filled by someone of the same political party as his/her predecessor. In this case, the new temporary member must be a Democrat.

While no names have been mentioned as yet, there are already six Democratic candidates vying for four open seats in the upcoming November elections.

Two of the candidates, Kadisha Coates and Hernan Illingworth, are current members of the BOE, but there are four others that could theoretically could throw their hats in early: Faith Harrison-Villegas, Maria Pereira, Ben Walker and Dennis Bradley.



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