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This Is What the Union-Controlled School Board Didn’t Want You to Hear!

You’d think a party with the words “Working Families” in their name wouldn’t flagrantly disenfranchise parents.

I suppose, to this group, power plays are more important than fair play.

As reported earlier this week, the Working Families Party-controlled school board pushed through a sham vote to place a moratorium on new charter schools.

In a sad attempt to legitimize what was really a brash political move, the Working Families Party, led by boss Maria Pereira, made sure to call up all her friends, giving the moratorium the appearance of public support; making sure no opposition got the chance to speak, including several parents.

Luckily, some of the parents who were blocked from commenting Monday were given a chance to speak at last night’s state–led Great Oaks public forum.

I present to you the testimony the Working Families Party didn’t want you to hear:


Claudia Philips:


Linda Francis:



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