The Working Families Party’s Pattern of Vindictive Behavior

For a political party which claims to be the champion of the disenfranchised, they sure do get vindictive if anyone steps out of line.

Working Families Party boss Maria Pereira, probably taking cues from her mentor Carmen Lopez, struck back at Andy Fardy, former WFP supporter, after he made negative comments about the Working Families Party-led School Board on Lenny Grimaldi’s blog, Only in Bridgeport.

Yes, rather than deal with negativity like an adult, Pereira decided the only course of action was to attack Andy’s wife and his friend, Ann Barney, who are running on the same ticket in the Democratic Town Council primary this Tuesday.

Pereira called up all the people she had gotten absentee ballots for and told them not to vote for Andy’s wife, Pat, or his friend Ann Barney, because how dare someone disagree with her…

Here’s an excerpt from Lennie’s blog that goes into more detail:

“Things are getting testy in some districts including the Upper East Side 138th District where Bridgeport Working Families Party Chair Maria Pereira, former school board member, has turned against candidates simply because Andy Fardy whose wife Pat is a district candidate dared to criticize Pereira who hasn’t been bashful about spewing criticism if it suits her. Is the Working Families Party the new Bridgeport bullies? City educator Ann Barney, a district candidate, explains:

I heard that Maria had turned on the 138th and specifically Pat Fardy and myself. So like any adult, I went to the source instead of listening to rumors.

I spoke to Maria directly. She told me she did not like what Andy Fardy said about her on the blog. She admitted to me she called all the people she had gotten absentee ballots for and told them she withdrew her support of Pat and myself and that they should not vote for us.

I asked Maria how Andy’s postings and my running on the 138th’s slate were connected. She simply responded I was his friend.

Quite frankly, I think most people will agree that her thinking is flawed. I am not sure how Pat and I are held accountable for Andy’s postings? Last time I looked we were still in the United States of America and had the freedom of free speech.

Maria wants to use hers by speaking out against Pat and I, but Andy can’t use his if it upsets Maria.

Funny, Maria I did not bad mouth you or hold you accountable when your friends on the Board of Ed voted not to fire Dickson.

But based on your logic maybe I should have.”

[Only in Bridgeport, 2/27/2014]

This, of course, has been a pattern with the Working Families Party.

Readers of the blog might remember how the former PAC president of Cesar Batalla School was forced out of his volunteer position after crossing the Working Families Party-led District Parents Advisory Council. [Education Bridgeport, 1/24/2014; 1/23/2014]

Rumor has it Lopez was the architect of that power play. According to a source, it was a relative of Lopez who filed the initial complaint against Torrealba. He was attacked because he refused to go ahead with a rally against the city after Finch complied with the wishes of Batalla parents and moved the location of the proposed police shooting range.

As you can see, the Working Families Party’s message is clear: Cross the Party, and suffer the consequences…



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