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The Atlantic Reveals WFP Looking to Oust Vallas

Last week Andre Baker, Working Families Party and Democratic candidate for Bridgeport’s school board, told the Connecticut Post that he would be willing to work with Superintendent Paul Vallas. [Connecticut Post, 9/12/2013]

That may not be the case, according to an article posted on The Atlantic’s website Tuesday. [The Atlantic, 9/17/2013]

According to the Working Families Party’s state director, Lindsey Farrell, “New board members are determined to oust Vallas.” Despite Baker’s elusive comments to the Connecticut Post, according to Farrell, he and his running mates have already made up their minds on Vallas.

Farrell told The Atlantic that once elected the new board members “will begin searching for a new superintendent.”

It doesn’t sound like Baker and his running mates ever had any intention of trying to work with the superintendent. But why did they tell the Connecticut Post otherwise?

Maybe it’s because, as stated in a previous article on Education Bridgeport!, firing the superintendent mid-year would cost the district hundreds of thousands of dollars already benchmarked for other programs.

If the Supreme Court rules in Vallas’ favor, firing Vallas would mean that the district would have to pay a hefty severance package plus the cost of an interim superintendent and search committee.

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