Lab Coats and Unidentifiable Sources?

Yesterday’s special board meeting was low key compared to the past few—No one was escorted out by police and there was little screaming. But, it wouldn’t be Bridgeport without some conflict. Among the most contentious subjects was Fairchild Wheeler’s lab coat policy. Yes, the school board argued for about 25 minutes over lab coats and… Continue reading Lab Coats and Unidentifiable Sources?


Bridgeport’s own Miss Trunchbull?

About three weeks ago, the Board of Education began termination hearings regarding elementary school principal, Carmen Perez-Dickson.  During the first special board meeting on July 15th, Perez-Dickson’s attorney tried to get the case thrown out – ceasing all further discussion of termination – by arguing that since Paul Vallas was superintendent at the time and… Continue reading Bridgeport’s own Miss Trunchbull?