State Legislators Tune Out Constituents When It Comes to Charter Funding

Isn’t it the duty of state legislators to listen to the concerns of their constituents?

You would think so, but apparently such is not the case in Connecticut, where, according to the Connecticut Mirror, certain “prominent” state legislators had the gall to say they were “annoyed” by emails sent to them by parents and charter advocates asking that cuts to charter school funding be reversed.

Let that sink in: Legislators were annoyed that their constituents – the very people who determine whether they stay in office – emailed them about their concerns.

“To say I have received hundreds of emails would be an understatement… I wouldn’t say they are persuasive,” said House Majority Leader Joe Aresimowicz.

Rep. Roberta Willis took it a step further, telling the Mirror that she had stopped reading constituent emails, because there were “too many of them.”

Yet, no shock here, neither Willis nor Aresimowicz have any problems with taking thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from the state’s two largest teachers unions.

I wonder if they are “annoyed” by emails from their union funders?



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