State Announces Additional Funding for Arts Education

It’s always good news to hear that the Connecticut Department of Education is freeing up more grant money for schools, especially when it’s in an area of great need.

This latest round will be given to districts to strengthen arts education, an area that is all too often left out despite the fact that there’s a growing body of evidence that links access to art education with increases in student achievement.

Commissioner Stefan Pryor unveiled this new grant program, which will free up a total of $250,000 to help districts strengthen arts in education, on Tuesday at the state’s annual back-to-school conference.

“Inclusion of the arts is essential to ensuring a high-quality and well-rounded educational experience for students,” said Pryor.

According a press release issued by the State Department of Education, schools will be able to apply for a “mini-grant” of up to $50,000 to “enhance arts instruction through partnerships with local and state arts institutions, organizations, and artists.”

Schools who are awarded these “mini-grants” may use the money to buy supplies, pay for professional development for teachers, or for stipends for teaching artists.

These grants are being provided through a multi-agency partnership which includes the Department of Economic and Community Development, the Connecticut Office of the Arts and the Connecticut Arts Council.

According to the state, acceptance will be based on need and access to art education. Districts will have until October to apply for this competitive grant.



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