Senator Gomes Already Lobbying For His Union Funders

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Only a month after successfully winning a special election to regain the Senate seat he previously held, Edwin Gomes is already referring to his union lobbyist funders as “we.”

I’m not kidding.

During last Thursday’s Joint Education Committee hearing, Gomes gave his speaking time to the executive director of the National Center for Fair and Open Testing, Dr. Monty Neil, so that Neil could tout the Connecticut Education Association’s (CEA) testing proposal.

Not a shocking move for Gomes.

As Education Bridgeport! reported earlier last month, the state’s two largest teacher unions and their lobbyists – including CEA Executive Director Mark Waxenberg – were among Gomes’ top donors.

Normally, though, politicians tend to try and hide the strings while they are being pulled. Not Gomes.

When introducing Neil, he told members of the education committee that he came to testify in support of “our expert.”

Later on, Gomes also used the word “we” when referring to the CEA’s proposal.

As if it wasn’t enough that Gomes is willing to blindly throw his support to the CEA’s ridiculous, and quite frankly dangerous, testing proposal that will effectively decrease school accountability while actually increasing the number of tests, he also made it blatantly clear where his loyalty lies: his campaign donors.



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