Pro-charter Parents Were Asked to Leave School Property Again

A group of pro-charter parents who were gathered for a press conference prior to Monday’s meeting at the Aquaculture School were once again forced off school property.

This is the second time the Bridgeport Board of Education halted a press conference held by pro-charter parents, forcing them out to the sidewalk.

The press conference was organized by the advocacy group Families for Excellent Schools and Bridgeport parents to urge the board to abandon legal action against the state over the two charter schools approved by the State Board of Education.

It’s interesting to note that the parents were initially allowed to assemble near the school’s gate, away from the building but were then asked to leave when members of the press began filming the event.

Yes. That’s right, the district “allowed” these parents to hold a press conference on school property until the press decided to cover the press conference.

To top it all off, former board member Maria Pereira called in the troops, though, in fact, they were the ones who insisted the press leave in the first place.

Take a look at the video below. One of Pereira’s buddies, a member of the Bridgeport Education Association, called over the principal and asked if I was allowed to film.


That same person stood behind me, watching me report on the event from my phone and threatened to tell the principal, just to make sure I wasn’t recording the event.

Freedom of the press, may I remind Pereira, is not a sometimes kind of thing. It’s not “freedom of the press that agrees with you.”

Keep in mind, the same people complaining about the press at the pro-charter conference held a public demonstration on school grounds at the event pictured below:

BEA Outside Aquaculture School

Funny how the anti-reform crowd has no problem with the BEA holding press events outside board meetings, in front of a school building, but when parents organize, it’s a whole different story.



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