Perez Dickson Gets Her Job Back, But The Battle Isn’t Over Yet.

Looks like Carmen Perez-Dickson will be back to work… eventually.

After over six hours of deliberation on Wednesday, the board decided by a 4-3 vote to suspend Perez-Dickson rather than terminate her employment with the district. Working Families Party members Sauda Baraka and John Bagley, as well as Democrat Bobby Simmons, all voted against termination. The swing vote was Democrat and vice-chair Dr. Jacqueline Kelleher.

Perez-Dickson was put on paid administrative leave last year when three security tapes surfaced that show her “man-handling” and dragging two kindergarten students. Superintendent Paul Vallas recommended she be terminated. This recommendation was followed by five months of board hearings where other allegations surfaced, including intimidating and hitting other students.

Though Perez-Dickson did not lose her job, she is facing six months of unpaid suspension. Perez-Dickson’s lawyer told the Connecticut Post that they plan on continuing the fight.

Perez-Dickson’s Attorney, Josephine Miller, said, “Ms. Perez-Dickson and I strongly believe that no discipline was warranted and certainly not a suspension of this magnitude. We plan to continue this fight through the federal lawsuit that has been pending for some time.”

It is currently unknown whether Perez-Dickson will appeal the suspension.

[Connecticut Post, 10/31/2013]


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