Pereira Now Out of Love With Another Superintendent

Watch out, Fran Rabinowitz. Maria Pereira is out to get you.

Though Pereira would like to rewrite history, she and her cronies were responsible for bullying Paul Vallas into leaving the school district. Just a few short months ago, the board hired Fran Rabinowitz to take Vallas’ place, and already she’s done the unthinkable — she has actually dared to disagree with Maria Pereira (cue shocked gasps and fainting spells).

That, of course, is not acceptable, as Pereira clearly explains in comments on the Connecticut Post website: “Fran Rabinowitz needs to replaced as quickly as possible and a permanent superintendent with a back bone (sic) needs to be hired asap.”

Or how about: “Ms. Rabinowitz is caving to our corrupt mayor … we might as well have kept Vallas. Her actions speak louder than her words. She needs to be replaced as quickly as possible.”

Pereira was a Bridgeport Board of Education Member. She was the head of the local Working Families Party cabal. She’s neither of those, now.

Nowadays, Pereira has become an Internet comment troll, lording over Board of Education meetings as if she runs the place and then spending hours slandering elected officials and school district leaders in the comments sections of news websites and on social media.

She’s even threatened to sue the school district should it decide to go against her wishes. Rabinowitz agrees with Bridgeport’s Mayor Finch, a fact Pereira can’t abide.

In fact, Rabinowitz doesn’t even really agree with Finch, a point to which she publicly testified to repeatedly during the meeting.

So, watch out Fran Rabinowitz. Your decades of experience teaching children and leading school districts won’t save you now. Maria Pereira is out to get you.



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