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I love the old example of a loaded question: “Have you stopped beating your wife?” But Jon Pelto is taking things to a whole new loaded level. In a recent post, he had the gall to pose the question: “Is Dan Malloy a Pathological liar?” He then goes on to selectively and dishonestly quote from news stories about a new deal with United Technologies to expand employment in the state, twisting it around to make it appear that Malloy actually wants to pay this company to lay workers off.

I know, it’s ridiculous, but here’s a little comparison, using the news story Pelto himself cites! [Malloy seeks tax relief to trigger $500M expansion for UTC” from the Connecticut Mirror, 2/26/14.]


“Governor Malloy and the CEO of United Technologies announced a deal in which the state of Connecticut will forgo $400 million dollars in tax revenues.”

Truth #1:

The deal allows UTC to take advantage in up to $400 million in tax revenues over 20 years, contingent upon maintaining current employment levels.

Truth #2:

The $400 million in reductions will be offset by $500 million in investments, including a “new, 425,000-square-foot world headquarters and engineering facility” and a “new, 500,000-square-foot customer training center and engineering lab.”


UTC reserves the right to lay off up to 1,400 more employees

Truth #1:

If UTC lays off 1,400 workers, it loses the remainder of the tax reduction.

Truth #2:

The planned $500 million investment by UTC will create another 1,500 jobs.

Clearly, UTC is planning to build nearly a million square feet of new office and engineering space in Connecticut and reduce employment in the state by 1,400.

Jon Pelto is surely loaded full of something.



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