Pelto Using Governor’s Race to Make Money

So Jon Pelto is talking about a run for governor. The reason why is pretty clear: Money.

Unless his ego is larger than any continental plate, which is a possibility, Pelto does not believe he can win. A cursory glance at the numbers proves that.

There are about 800,000 Democrats registered in Connecticut, plus about 400,000 registered Republicans. So even if Pelto gets his coveted endorsement and takes all of the 26,000 Working Families Party votes that went to Malloy in 2010, he’s still a few hundred thousand votes away from the big chair.

So Pelto can’t win, and he’s been around long enough to know it.

Therefore, why all the talk about a run for governor? Well, what better way to jack up your political consulting fees than to present yourself as a former gubernatorial candidate?

Win or lose his “campaign” for governor, Pelto ends up with more money in the bank.

Pelto is a self-described political “communications strategist,” with a focus on “public relations, media relations and advocacy programs.” He lists his clients as “corporations, associations and unions.”

His ”blog” is a tool, nothing more. And considering that his focus of late has been education, particularly Common Core, charter schools and teachers unions, one need not have x-ray vision to guess who his major clients are right now.

Well, those clients should get ready to pay through the nose.

As political strategist Tanya Meck said on FoxCT’s Capitol Report, “What’s interesting to me about this is that Jonathan obviously has an agenda. And whether you agree with his agenda or not the fact of the matter is, you get a bigger platform when you talk about running for governor.”

As much as Pelto would like you to believe that he is running for governor out of some altruistic, good-of-all-humanity motivation, the reality is he’s using a run for the governor’s office as a negotiating tactic.

Jon, is this the kind of democracy you want to see in Connecticut?

The sooner he gets out of the race, the better.



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