Pelto Polls at 3 Percent

Jon Pelto deserves some congratulations. According to poll results released last week, 3 percent of Connecticut voters might actually vote for Pelto to become Connecticut’s next governor.

Isn’t that just super? I mean, 3 percent! That a self-serving, political hitman-for-hire, a “candidate” whose morals are so obviously for sale to the highest bidder would get as much as 3 percent in a gubernatorial poll is impressive!

You go, Jon Pelto.

Of course, the reality of polling 3 percent is that Pelto will never actually be governor — you know, for realsies.

Recently, Pelto accused incumbent Gov. Dannel P. Malloy of “not functioning in the same world that the rest of us live in.”

Which is funny, because in the real world, Jon Pelto will never be governor. Yet he continues to wage what is clearly a quixotic “campaign.”

But Pelto is no Don Quixote, there is no honor in John Pelto’s quest. His goal is not to win — he knows he can’t win — but to attack from the flank. Pelto is little more than a mercenary, a hired gun whose sole purpose is to divide Malloy’s attention and, hopefully, electorate.

Who is behind Jon Pelto? Who is paying the pirate-charlatan of Connecticut politics? Well, we know the Republican Party has some vested interest. A former GOP chairman has admitted as much, and actually donated to Pelto’s “campaign.”

In truth, it doesn’t matter. Pelto’s 3 percent is more than he deserves, and hopefully all he will get.

What do you think?

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