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Pelto Misses the Point: There is Demand for Public Charters in Bridgeport for Good Reason

Once again, Jon Pelto missed the point, but we shouldn’t be surprised. He is a professional point misser. He’s turned missing the point into an art form. If point missing was an Olympic sport, Jon Pelto would win the gold.

While railing against the three charter school proposals that might help Bridgeport kids and families, should they be approved, Pelto conveniently forgets to mention the facts.

The point, Pelto, is that out of every 10 Bridgeport 10th graders who speak English as a second language, only two are reading at grade level.

The point, Pelto, is that out of every 10 Bridgeport 3rd graders, only half are reading at grade level.

The point, Pelto, is the one out of three kids in Bridgeport will not graduate on time.

The point, Pelto, is that there are 1,500 names on wait lists for charter schools in Bridgeport.

But none of that matters to Jon Pelto. What matters is that he’s dug in his heels and, come Hell or high water, Jon Pelto will not move.

Look at the three proposals for charter schools in Bridgeport:

Great Oaks is designed specifically to focus on upper grade students who don’t speak English at home.

Dr. Steve Perry’s proposal is modeled after a school that graduates 97 percent of students on time.

The third is a science, technology, math and arts-focused school, that would prepare young women for technology-based jobs.

All three school proposals are based on proven models. These are public school proposals that would not, in any way whatsoever, divert funds from other Bridgeport public schools.

And Pelto’s objection is … what? Someone tell me because I really don’t know. I can say that whatever his objection is, it’s certainly not based on fact.

It’s about time Jon Pelto got the point.



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