Pelto is a Spoiler, But What is He Spoiling?

So much for “I’ll only run if I think I can win. I won’t be a spoiler.”

That’s what pay-for-play political advisor-turned Gubernatorial candidate Jon Pelto said when he began his quixotic campaign.

Trouble is, he wasn’t telling what we in the blog business call “the truth.”

More recently, Pelto was quoted as saying, “We want to try to deliver a message, in Connecticut and across the country, that when [politicians] walk away from public education, there are significant and severe repercussions.”

Sounds like a threat to me, a fancier way of saying, “Do what I tell you to do, or else.”

And I’m not the only one who sees through Pelto thinly veiled threat. As Politico’s Stephanie Simon noted, “In a close race, could Pelto play the spoiler? He would love to.”

Did Politico just call Pelto’s bluff?



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