Pelto Hides The Truth About the Common Core Hearing

Jon Pelto must suffer from selective hearing.

Going on his account of events alone, you’d think the only people who testified at last week’s Common Core hearing were his buddies who came out in support of House Bill 5078.

Pelto completely ignored the teachers, advocates and school leaders who spoke out against halting the Common Core.

Believe it or not, even the president and vice president of the American Federation of Teachers Connecticut (AFT), Melodie Peters and Patti Fusco, testified in opposition to a moratorium on the implementation of the Common Core.

Of course, Pelto left out this extremely important testimony.

I’m not surprised, considering Pelto’s initial email-blast response to last Wednesday’s hearing, which featured this marvelously inaccurate and hypocritical statement:

“First, most of these people who support the Common Core and its absurd testing system wouldn’t last a day in an American classroom.”

Yeah, OK. Pelto, did you even bother to actually watch the hearing? Or did you just skim through, watching only those who shared your opinion?

As posted in a previous article — here’s what the people Pelto left out had to say about the Common Core and House Bill 5078:


Blackham School Christine ONeil

Bassick High School Ryan Bell

Central HS Bridgeport Brianna Altieri



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