Pelto for Governor? An examination of absurdity and irony

The absurdity of a possible “Jon Pelto for Governor” campaign is eclipsed only by the horror of the possibility.

Jon Pelto, who hasn’t held public office since dinosaurs roamed the Earth, is actually thinking about running for governor against Dannel P. Malloy. Since leaving the state legislature, Pelto has made a career out of being a professional critic. He sits at his computer and tells everybody what they’re doing wrong without ever offering a solution of his own.

One fascinating note on Pelto’s theoretical run for governor came at the very bottom of Neil Vigdor’s coverage: “Pelto is said to have approached union figures about running for governor,” he wrote.

No surprise there, but union officials should seriously consider what a Pelto candidacy might mean.

The problem is not that he might win. A meteor might strike, but I’m not worried about that either. The problem is that Pelto can divert votes away from Malloy. Put simply, if Pelto runs for governor, nobody wins.

Pelto is fond of calling our governor “anti-teacher” and “anti-union.” The irony would be abundantly apparent if Malloy loses — should Republicans take back the State Capitol, you’d really see the meaning of the phrases, “anti-teacher” and “anti-union.”

Pelto should not be ignored. If you ignore a cough and a runny nose, you end up getting sick, and if you ignore Jon Pelto, his influence grows, too, like a virus. Pretty soon you’re laid up in bed and no amount of vitamin C will help you feel better.

Perhaps our governor can instead give Mr. Pelto a job, one for which he is well suited, to divert the blogger’s attention while we all quietly run away.

Perhaps the Ringling Bros. have an opening for a clown?



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