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Parents Urge New Board to Work Together

“This is not about sides”

Families for Excellent Schools organizer and Bridgeport parent, Onte Johnson, explained that Monday’s rally wasn’t about choosing sides; it was about working together “so that we can see our kids go to a better school system.”

Bridgeport’s outgoing board was one of divisiveness and dysfunction, however, Johnson sees this new board as an “immense opportunity for collaboration.”

This was the general sentiment of Monday’s rally, where parents, students and reform advocates gathered in front of the Aquaculture school before the new board’s first meeting.

The group was organized by Families for Excellent Schools, an advocacy organization made up of charter school parents in favor of reform. Those in attendance urged the new board to listen and collaborate with parents.

“Today is important because the Bridgeport Board of Education should be working with parents,” said Linda Francis, a Bridgeport parent of four, three of which attend Bridgeport Achievement First Charter.

“In a city where 40 percent of students graduate high school on time,” said Francis. “We’re hopeful this Board of Education considers all possible public school options when acting to support our children.”

The group has vowed to attend all further board meetings and look forward to working together with the new school board.

To see the Full video of the Families for Excellence Rally: [Full Video of Families for Excellent Schools Rally, 12-9-2013]


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