Outside Money In Campaigns? My That’s A Mighty Fine Glass House You Have There Mr. Pelto

It seems Jon Pelto’s hypocrisy has reached new heights.

Since January, Pelto has been targeting Hartford Mayoral candidate Luke Bronin, writing blog post after blog post throwing just about every stone he can grab, even writing about Bronin’s race and background.

As if it wasn’t ironic enough that Pelto, a white political consultant-turned hack blogger from suburban Eastern Connecticut, calling someone out for their alleged lack of local cred (a claim Colin McEnroe pointed out was dubious at best), Pelto recently attacked Bronin and the Hartford Democratic Town Committee for taking out-of-town money as if it’s some kind of anomaly or a crime.

It’s not – and, if Pelto really had an issue with candidates taking out-of-town money, why did he accept campaign contributions from donors in California, Ohio, Virginia, New York and Massachusetts when he was “running for governor”?

The only difference between Pelto and Bronin’s campaign contributors is that Bronin’s are supporting a viable candidate for the office he’s running for.



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