Outrageous Carmen Perez-Dickson Tapes Leaked By Parents

Here’s the link to Channel 12’s news coverage of the leaked tapes

Video of former Tisdale Elementary School Principal Carmen Perez Dickson dragging two students across the hall was release today by News Channel 12 after it was leaked to the press.

To refresh your memory: Carmen Perez Dickson was the principal at Tisdale Elementary caught on tape last year dragging two students across the halls on three separate occasions. After the tapes surfaced, several Tisdale staff members stepped forward with their own horror stories involving Dickson. The Superintendent’s Office under Paul Vallas rightfully recommended Dickson be terminated.

Of course, the Working Families Party could not allow any decision made by the Vallas administration go unopposed.

Working Families Party-aligned board members attempted to end the termination hearing on multiple occasions, making it very clear whose side they were on.

Here’s a hint: Not the children’s.

After a lengthy termination hearing, the board voted 4-3 to suspend, rather than terminate, Perez-Dickson. Jacqueline Kelleher, a professor specializing in Special Education with children in Bridgeport schools, was the surprise swing vote.

Ultimately, Dickson was given a gentle slap on the wrist: 6 months unpaid suspension and a probationary period, after which she will be allowed to return to another Bridgeport school as an administrator.


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