Outraged Parents Plan Protest Against Perez-Dickson Decision

The Bridgeport Parents Initiative, a Facebook group started in response to the Perez-Dickson termination hearing, is planning to hold a peaceful demonstration on Monday, November 4th at City Hall at 4pm.

The group is calling for PAC presidents at all of the schools and child advocacy groups to attend the event.

According to the Connecticut Post, parents of both children shown on the security tapes being dragged by Perez-Dickson will be in attendance at Monday’s rally. Neither parent testified during the termination hearings; however, recently one of the parents, Nakeya Hargrove, said she wanted Perez-Dickson fired. [Connecticut Post, 11/3/2013]

In a press release send out Saturday, the Bridgeport Parents Initiative went after the Working Families Party for their part in the Perez-Dickson decision.

The release said they did not “want the Working Families Party to be anywhere around our schools or children because evidence from the Working Families Sauda Baraka and John Bagley has proven to all citizens and concerned parents of Bridgeport that they would rather protect an individual (close Friend) than your children’s rights, safety and welfare. Do not let the smoke and mirrors trick and un kept promises from the Working Families Party to persuade you to vote for them.”



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