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Once Again, Maria Pereira is Threatening City of Bridgeport with Lawsuits


City tax-payers be damned! If Maria Pereira wants a lawsuit, by golly she’ll get one … or at least yell about it.

Like a child throwing a temper-tantrum, former board member Maria Pereira spent much of Monday night’s meeting whispering threats of legal action while Mayor Finch spoke about school funding.

Captured in the video above is Pereira shouting: “See you in court Mayor Grinch.”

You see, Pereira didn’t get her way. Rather than lose over a million dollars in state grants this year, the board reluctantly came to a compromise with the city — perhaps a foreign concept to Pereira, who insists on bullying her way into political relevance.

About two weeks ago, the board voted to allow the city to count in-kind services towards the state-imposed minimum budget requirement.

Pereira, instead, wanted the board to sue the city — an action on which she still insists.

My question is this: Why is she still trying to call the shots?

She chose not to seek re-election. Though she once was, she is neither a member of the board nor the head of the controlling political party.

The funny thing is, the current board — chairwoman Sauda Baraka, Jon Bagley and Howard Gardner in particular — love to remind the public that they were elected. They aren’t just the board. They are the elected board.

So, why then are they letting Pereira — a person who was not elected — appoint herself?



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