Obama’s Pollster Releases Results Showing Support for Education Reforms

The polling firm universally praised for its work for President Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012 has released the results of a survey showing wide support for education reforms among voters who know what the reforms are.

Beneson Strategy Group, which lists Barack Obama, The New York Times, nine sovereign nations and SEIU among its clients, conducted a poll on education reforms in Connecticut and found support among likely voters, once those voters are well informed. [Beneson Strategy Group, Client Page]

“When Connecticut voters are given the basic facts of the 2012 education reform bill and hear about goals for future reforms, support is widespread,” Benenson Strategy Group’s Danny Franklin wrote in the poll memo. [Beneson Strategy Group, 2/11/2014]

Franklin is referring to Public Act 12-116, which gave Connecticut such innovative initiatives as the Commissioner’s Network — of which Bridgeport’s Curiale and Dunbar Schools are members — and which supported the growth of schools like The Bridge Academy, Achievement First Bridgeport, New Beginnings Family Academy, Park City Prep and others. [Connecticut Senate Bill No. 458, Public Act No. 12-116]

P.A. 12-116 also solidified the goal of having evaluations for every educator in Connecticut, identifying and supporting the best teachers and offering development to those educators who need it.

The problem has been misinformation. Folks like Wendy Lecker and Jon Pelto — who spread misinformation to the detriment of Connecticut’s kids — have poisoned the well of information.

Our schools have suffered as a result, and that is a tragedy.

Bridgeport’s elected representatives should take note of these poll results. Only 12 percent of the 600 poll respondents said schools in Connecticut were doing a good job educating children. Bridgeport, where one out of three kids won’t graduate from high school, is one reason why.

“State lawmakers can lift voter opinion of their job performance by remaining committed to education reform and raising awareness of the steps they have already taken,” Franklin wrote in the poll memo.




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