No Decision Yet for Dickson

The school board met on Friday evening for the first deliberation session, but has yet to come to a decision in the Carmen Perez-Dickson hearing.

Friday’s meeting was conducted entirely in executive session and it’s expected that all subsequent meetings will also be held behind closed doors—except for the vote, which must be held in public session.

Perez-Dickson was put on administrative leave back in 2012 after three tapes surfaced that allegedly show her dragging and “manhandling” two kindergarten students at Jettie S. Tisdale School. Earlier this year, Superintendent Paul Vallas recommended that Perez-Dickson be terminated.

In an unusual move, Perez-Dickson, elected to have a public hearing rather than have the matter go into arbitration. Now it is up to the board to decide whether Perez-Dickson will be allowed to continue as principal or be terminated.

Before they can come to a decision, however, the board must first review seven months of transcripts, mountains of evidence and data and two lengthy legal briefs. After which they must also draft, review and vote on a written decision.—And this must be done, within the next seven days!

Though the board is unsure whether they are required to comply with the state sanctioned 15-day time limited, the board decided on Friday to adhere to the time limit and has scheduled another special board meeting for Monday at 5:30, despite it being Columbus Day.

[Connecticut Post, 10/11/2013]

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