New Teacher’s Contract Approved by Slim Majority

With only five members in attendance, barely squeaking out a quorum, the Bridgeport Board of Education approved a new three-year contract with the teacher’s union late Thursday evening.

Who voted in favor of this contract agreement with the teachers’ union? Why, union-aligned and supported Working Families Party members of the board, that’s who.

Members in attendance were Chairwoman Sauda Baraka, John Bagley, Andre Baker, Howard Gardner and Joe Larcheveque. Aside from Larcheveque, who ran as a Republican, only Working Families Party and aligned board members were present for the vote.

In other words, four out of five members present received large campaign contributions from the teacher’s union with which they were negotiating.

A vote like this, taken with no opposition present, reeks of conflicted interest.

No details of this contract have been released to the public — a deal that will set the tenor for the entire district and affect the lives of thousands of teachers, children and parents.

But at least we need not wonder about a hidden agenda. The agenda here is hidden in plain sight, and it certainly has nothing to do with what’s best for Bridgeport’s kids.

No, the agenda here, with a union-backed board negotiating a union contract in secret, is quite obvious.



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