Nearly 4,000 People Sign Petition Asking State Leaders to Halt Cuts to Charter Schools

As of Wednesday, 3,782 people have signed a petition demanding that state leaders “expand access to high quality public charter schools.”

“Right now, there are 40,000 Connecticut children who attend underperforming schools where the majority of students cannot read and do math at grade level. Most of them are low-income students or children of color,” reads the petition.

The petition, started by the Coalition For Every Child, is a part of a broader effort by parents and charter advocates against funding cuts.

A few weeks ago parents staged several rallies and press conferences, including one on the North Steps of the State Capitol that over 1,500 people attended, demanding that state legislators reverse cuts to new charter schools seats.


As reported earlier by Education Bridgeport!, the Appropriations Committee advanced a budget plan last month that cut $20.9 million in funding for new charter school seats from Gov. Dannel Malloy’s budget proposal.

As a result, over 860 Connecticut students – including at least 250 in Bridgeport – are at risk of losing their school.

“We need our legislators need to follow the Governor’s lead and support great schools,” said Tisa Terry, a district school parent from Bridgeport. “Whether it’s a district, magnet or charter school, every child deserves to have access to a great public education.”

“From large demonstrations like our rally to other grassroots activism like the petition, we are making our voice heard this year in Hartford. We hope our state leaders listen,” said Nicole Paul, also from Bridgeport.

According to the coalition, the petition will remain opening until the end of the legislative session. To view or sign it: click here. 



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