Nap Time at the Bridgeport BOE! John Bagley Falls Asleep During Meeting


BOE member John Bagley was caught dozing off during Monday night’s board meeting.

Whether it was lack of interest or fatigue that caught up with Bagley can’t be determined, but it does beg the question, If board members can’t stay awake, how do they expect parents and community members to make it through an eight hour meeting that ends at 2:30 a.m.?

The answer: They don’t. They don’t want the public to participate. They want to make the decisions their union bosses tell them to literally in the dark of night.

This is why discussion of hot-button issues like Harding High School’s construction project and the board’s possible legal action against the state were pushed to the end of the meeting.



When board member Andre Baker wanted to make a motion to move forward with a vote on the Harding High School site plan, Chairwoman Baraka insisted that he had to add it to the agenda, despite the fact it had already been added.

Even after the board voted 5-4 to add the item, Baraka made sure the issue was moved to the end of the meeting.

Extending meetings and moving important issues to the bottom of the agenda are ways this board excludes the public from the conversation on these issues.

Last night’s meeting was unacceptable. What parent, or public school employee for that matter, has the time to sit and watch the Board of Education bicker for eight hours?

These meeting are open to the public for a reason. How can the board reasonably say their meetings are accessible to the public when they are sometimes longer than an average work day?



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