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NAACP Supports Capital Prep Harbor School

The Connecticut NAACP President Scot X. Esdaile released a letter today urging the state Education Commissioner Stefan Pryor to allow Dr. Steve Perry to expand his successful school model to Bridgeport.

Next Wednesday the state Board of Education will vote on several charter school applications, including Capital Prep Harbor School, set to open in Bridgeport in 2015.

Here is the letter Esdaile sent to Pryor in support of the new school:

Dear Commissioner Pryor,

Please accept this letter as my formal support of the expansion of the Capital Preparatory model in Bridgeport. The school’s success in Hartford is needed in Bridgeport and will be a welcomed addition to the NAACP’s efforts to ensure that all children gain access to quality education.

The Capital Prep model has experienced success in the classroom and on the fields. There are few schools of any type who have had success either in the classroom or the fields. Capital Prep has enjoyed unrivaled success in both. With graduation rates as high as 100%, four year college placement rates at 100% as well as multiple state and conference championships. The Capital Prep model provides students with rich school experience.

I have seen first hand how Dr. Steve Perry and his team have provided the students in his school a well-rounded high quality education. I have known Dr. Perry for over 20 years. He is often called upon by NAACP affiliates throughout the nation to provide insight on how they may help to improve education in their communities. Connecticut’s NAACP named him one of the most influential African Americans this year. Other NAACPs throughout the country have recognized his unwavering commitment to children. He has also been nominated for a national Image Award.

I proudly support the expansion of the Capital Prep model throughout Connecticut and continued to be inspired by the work of Dr. Steve Perry and his team.

Scot X. Esdaile



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