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More Proof Unendorsed Dems are Working with WFP

As if you needed any more proof that the unendorsed Democratic candidates were working with the Working Families Party: On Thursday, former Mayoral Candidate Mary-Jane Foster announced she will be hosting a meet and greet for Working Family Party candidates.

She’s already hosted one during the primary for the Democratic challenger slate and has been a strong supporter.

And here’s the kicker—in an attempt to sound impartial, she claims she’s hosting the event because she feels “it is important we all meet all the of the candidates.” Here is an excerpt from the invitation:

I can already hear the “Huh?” from many of you but let me tell you why I think you should join me for some wine an [sic] cheese or whatever. As you know, I worked with a couple of groups across the city to help the unendorsed Democratic slate win the primary. And win they/we did. However, there are 5 seats to fill and while the Democratic slate is well known and the Republicans will have a meet and greet, the Working Family Party candidates are less well known in some parts of the city.

As strongly as I feel about the Democratic slate, I feel it is important we all meet all of the candidates. This is a critical election coming up and one where turnout is typically notoriously low…

[Connecticut Post, 10/24/2013]

Other than the current District PAC president Eric Alicia-Stewart, the rest of the Working Families’ ticket is very well known. Andre Baker is already a councilman and on the challenger ticket. Sauda Baraka is a current board member. Neither is lacking name recognition.

The idea that Foster is hosting this event because the Working Family Party candidates need exposure is completely ridiculous.

Why pretend to be impartial?

Both slates have made it pretty clear that they are working together to oust the Democrats currently in the majority on the board. The Working Families Party even gave money to the challengers’ campaign (at least $2,000 in contributions), manpower and support. If that wasn’t enough, board member-turned-Working Families Chair Maria Pereira basically confirmed this alliance when she threatened Superintendent Paul Vallas at last board meeting. [Itemized Campaign Disclosure Statement, 9/3/2013]

In a heated debate, Pereira yelled at Vallas saying he better watch out, because come December “things are gonna change.”

According to Pereira, the new board, made up of Working Families Party Members and their allies will be making changes.

I really wonder how much will actually change if the new Working Families Party majority takes the reigns? Will this new board be more effective and efficient? Will there be less rancor? Will this new majority party respect the minority party’s opinion?

Considering Pereira’s behavior while on the board, I highly doubt it.


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