Maria Pereira: District PAC is Above the Law

I can safely say I’m not the only person in Bridgeport who has been wondering how the District Parent Advisory Council (PAC), an organization that’s federally-mandated purpose is to make sure parents have a voice, is allowed to repeatedly disenfranchise parents.

Well, we may have gotten our answer at last night’s district-wide parent meeting, where I was told I could not record a presentation on Fast Pass because the District PAC is not governed by any state or local statute.

In fact, I was told by their new “community representative,” Maria Pereira, who — no surprise here — was responsible for instructing a security guard to tell me not to record, that the District Parent Advisory Council is “not a part of the board or any other state agency.”

In other words, the District PAC, which receives nearly $180,000 in federal Title I funding, can operate outside of state and local law — including barring members of the press from recording their federally-funded meeting held in a public building.

Perhaps this is how they got away with kicking parents out of meetings by police escort and throwing hundreds of parent ballots out during their district elections?



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