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Malloy Fulfills Promise To Veto Republican Budget

On Thursday, the same day that the landmark state supreme court case CCJEF v. Rell went back to court, Governor Dannel P. Malloy fulfilled his promise to veto the republic budget bill — basically ensuring that no budget is passed before the October 1st deadline.

The Connecticut Post has more on this:

“While seemingly pushing back the Legislature to the starting point of budget talks, Malloy expects the rejection to concentrate Republicans and Democrats alike to enact a new $40-billion compromise before major cuts to school and municipal aid for dozens of towns occur in October, under the second quarter of his executive order.

“I cannot overstate the urgency of the need for all parties to come together to negotiate a realistic, responsible budget that addresses our state’s fiscal issues, distributes eduction aid equitably, and balances without the use of illusory gimmicks,” Malloy wrote.

“In sum, this budget is unbalanced, unsustainable, and unwise,” Malloy said. “It cuts hundreds of millions of dollars from our colleges and universities, endangering our economic competitiveness; it creates the near certainty that our capital city will be plunged into bankruptcy; and it eviscerates proven funding and improvement programs for school districts with the greatest needs while seneding more money to the wealthiest towns.”

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